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    歡迎於2022年11月5日(星期六) 蒞臨本園「開放日」,了解學校環境、設施及體驗課堂模式,請致電本園(電話:22420082 )查詢。

    網頁正在優化中, 如有不完美之處, 敬請包容.

    We are now accepting applications for 2023 – 2024 students and accepting full-time and morning session students of 2022-2023 K1-K3 students.

    Parents are kindly requested to browse the admission application form, use the online admissions application system directly or register in person at the school.

    Welcome to the “Open Day” of our kindergarten on November 5, 2022 (Saturday) to learn about the school environment, facilities and experience the lessons. Please call us (Tel: 22420082) to make an appointment.