Parental Support

Our school focuses on home-school cooperation, so as to implement our vision to be teaching partners, we have to enhance ourselves. ‘Certification of parenting’ course was held by the school and PTA, the course aims to help parents master the skills of teaching children.

‘Certification of parenting’ course with different topics and different organization are invited to provide lectures.

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育兒證書第三講 – 培養孩子自尊與自信 2018-2019年度 下載
育兒證書第二講 – 如何培養孩子的良好習慣  2018-2019年度 下載
育兒證書第一講 – 孩子發脾氣怎麼辦  2018-2019年度 下載

The overall percentage of our graduates who were allocated to schools of their first three choices was higher than the overall satisfaction rate, which announced by the Education Bureau.

Status of promotion to primary school in 2021:
Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) Primary School, Ma Tau Chung Government Primary School, Ma Tau Chung Government Primary School(Hung Hom Bay), Hop Yat Church School, Po Leung Kuk Lam Man Chan English Primary School, St. Rose of Lima’s School, Farm Road Government Primary School, C.C.C. Heep Woh Primary School, ST. Eugene de Mazenod Oblate Primary School, S.K.H. Fung Kei Primary School, Ling To Catholic Primary School, etc

Status of entering primary schools in 2020:

Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) Primary School, Diocesan Preparatory School, Ma Tau Chung Government Primary School, Ma Tau Chung Government Primary School (Hung Hom Bay), Hop Yat Church School, Yau Ma Tei Catholic Primary School, Sheng Kung Hui Fung Kei Primary School, Farm Road Government Primary School, Alliance Primary School, Whampoa, Ling To Catholic Primary School, Holy Family Canossian School, Canossa Primary School, etc.

‘Primary One Admission Application’ and primary school visits in the home district were organised for parents. These enable parents to make the best school choices for their children.

To prepare students from upper kindergarten of primary school, our school has designated a series of stimulation activities for children. Our school also arranged adaptation programs in local primary schools and provided on interview skills and etiquette.

Since entering kindergarten, children have not only to face their separation with parents (separation anxiety) for the first time, but also an unfamiliar environment including new teachers and classmates. Our mission is to assist children adapting the school life, and letting children feeling the loves and bonding with principal, teachers and classmates. You, as the parents of your children, should also accompany and guide them patiently before they can get rid of this stage.

Our school provides adaptation activities as below:

  • Arranging talks for parents of new students: Introducing school’s philosophy, learning environment, curriculum model, details of new semester arrangements, adaptation problems encountered and solutions of new admissions.


  • Providing admission brochure for new students: Parents are able to have enough time to prepare and adjust children’s mentality.


  • Parents are welcomed to communicate with teachers for fully understanding the needs of children anytime.


  • Arranging school adaption week: Especially adjusting school time, regular schedule, participation of parents, for children to adapt and integrate into school life gradually.


  • Arranging parent-children activities: Building children’s confidence when joining activities with parents.

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