Parent Teacher Association (PTA)


  • Strengthening the communication and promoting friendly relationships between parents, teachers and school.
  • Enhancing the cooperation between parents and school and developing children’s academic and physical performance in a healthy way
  • Unleash parents’ potential in discussing teaching arrangements.


Declaration of Home-School Cooperation

  1. Talk over school life with children and show positive care academically and emotionally.
  2. Love and care more about children’s emotions and feelings and be considerate to coach.
  3. Appreciate the efforts of teachers and children.
  4. Boost children self-reliance by together facing and resolving problem.
  5. Educate children to respect teachers, parents and elderlies.
  6. Instruct children to comply with school rules.
  7. Listen to kids’ difficulties for helping them to solve problems.
  8. Listen patiently to children while not being critical.
  9. Train up children’s daily reading and writing habits.
  10. Talk with courtesy with children 15 minutes per day for improving language ability.
  11. Bring children to library twice a month for bringing up their reading habits.
  12. Train children to independently carry their school care for enhancing self-esteem.
  13. Tutor children to care about society and news.
  14. Teaching children with patience and consistence of words and deeds.
  15. Educate children to live in an environmental friendly way.
  16. Trust, respect and be fair to your children.
  17. Set rules of coaching with elderlies and create a happy environment for children.
  18. Keep learning the best way to teach children.
  19. Understand teaching children a bounden duty of parents.
  20. Cooperate closely with school and proactively participate in school events such as PTA, seminars and talks.
  21. Joining the parents meeting regularly.
  22. Practice together with the theme activities and goals taught by school.
  23. Learn more from the teacher about the situation of children.
  24. Give suggestions on educational aspect frequently.


  1. Respect the opinions of children.
  2. Treat every child equally.
  3. Encourage children to participate in various activities.
  4. Train children’s ability of learning and self-caring.
  5. Assist children in the development of the six educations of morality, intelligence, physical, group, beauty and spirituality.
  6. Mentor children’s heart of caring and tolerance of others.
  7. Provide opportunities for children to play with imagination and creativity.
  8. Provide chances for children to play and interact with others.
  9. Talk more to children and understand their feelings and needs.
  10. Offer children a happy school life.
  11. Listen to children closely and patiently.
  12. Communicate with children and parents nicely.
  13. Communicate actively with parents and take the responsibility to educate children together.


  1. Learn actively to help those in need.
  2. Be a cooperative and self-discipline child.
  3. Do homework and study everyday actively.
  4. Sleep and rise early and be punctual to school.
  5. Be polite.
  6. Go to school with joy.
  7. Be an honest child even you make mistakes.
  8. Build a good relationship with others and make friends with all your classmates.