Teaching Approach

We particularly focus on children’s learning processes of the activities rather than the outcomes. “Playing” serves an important part in children’s growth and learning, and our teachers incorporate games into their teaching. Opportunities are thus created for children to express themselves, enjoy the fun of learning and freely unleash their creativity.

Language Usage
Our classes are taught in mother tongue. Cantonese, English and Putonghua are gradually introduced to children through games after the age of four. We are aware of the society’s needs for bilingual and trilingual communication.

Medium of instruction (Reading & Writing): Chinese, English

Medium of instruction (Listening & Speaking): Cantonese, Putonghua, English

Through systematic and diversified teaching materials and activities, English teachers can effectively stimulate children’s learning motivation, cultivate their interest in learning English in a relax and natural environment, and enhance their listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. Putonghua teachers also integrate children’s favourite music, rhythm, dance, singing and other elements into teaching, so as to achieve the quality educational impact.

Language Learning
We provide an enjoyable learning experience through story-telling, games, group discussions, daily examples and role-play.

Free Choice Learning Session
During group sessions, children can join exploring, obsering and learning activities based on their interests, abilities and needs. These activities strengthen their skills and raise their interests in learning.

Group Learning Session
We offer a myriad learning activities, including experiments, story-telling, music, games, news sharing, visits etc. For  cultivating young children’s interests towards different things, stimulate their thinking and expand their horizons. All of these activities are effective ways to enhance children’s learning.

Computer Curriculum
We carry out various computer activities on the EVI online learning platform. In order to equip children with the skills of using information technology such as downloading and uploading resources from the internet; sending and searching for information on different websites. All of these techniques are crucial for the life-long learning of our children.