Principal’s Message

Our children return to school with a SMILE

          ‘Education with Love’ is the school mission of St. Monica, we emphasize the importance of home-school cooperation.Parents and teachers are encouraged to have mutual collaboration and support in order to provide a pleasant learning environment for young children. Our vision can be concluded as “Nurture the Young with Love, Strive for Excellence in Education” and “Join Hands to Bring the Best for Young Children”. We hope our children return to school with a SMILE every day, SMILE : S: Social Skills; M: Manners; I: Introspection; L: Language Skills; E: Empathy. We aim to help children master the attitudes and skills of SMILE upon completion of the three-year study in our kindergarten.

Our school teachers indebted to the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) and have taken a series of comprehensive cultivation about strategies for teaching English, so as to lay a foundation of the development of school-based English curriculum. A series of school-based English storybooks was developed by our professional trained teachers, aimed to elevate children’s interest in reading English, to establish fundamental concepts on vocabularies and books, as well as to develop their basic reading skills. By the scheme, we also received positive feedback from the parents. On top of that, our teacher designed a series of school-based English teaching materials: “My English 1 & 2 (K1)”, “My English 3 & 4 (K2)” and “My English 5 & 6 (K3)”. Our curriculum is a suitable reference for children by integrating the concept of SCOLAR. Teachers make good use of the profuse illustrations, intriguing rhymes together with some related activities to provide a meaningful learning experience. It successfully boosts the confidence of children in English communication and builds up a solid foundation in their latter development.

Our school is children-oriented and places strong emphasis on teacher cultivation. We aim to create a pleasant learning environment for young children by continuous improvement and development of the curricula and environment. Our vision is to nurture them to become pillars of society built upon integrity and ability; equipped with abilities of logical thinking, self-learning, innovation and adaptation; supported by self-esteem, confidence, self-love and other positive values.