Curriculum Features


Teachers are motivated by “love”. In addition to taking self as a role model, the school designs a systematic and coherent character education curriculum, continuously implements “cultivating character development”, and establishes correct values. Through constant storybooks, music activities, moral education activities, Di Zi Gui (the Chinese Disciple rules) etc., to cultivate children’s respect for teachers, self-discipline and observance, and an attitude of gratitude.

Our school  also has a “Good Behaviour List” to cultivate children’s good behaviour.

Adopting the “Orff Music Teaching Method”, experienced music teachers are responsible for leading and designing courses. Through activities such as singing rhymes, playing percussion instruments, body wave and dance, and improvisation, children are exposed to and learn different music knowledge, and cultivate their interest in music.

Under the premise of safety, the school encourages children to explore through multiple senses to cultivate their curiosity and willingness to explore. We hope that children can cultivate a knowledge-seeking and truth-seeking attitude through interesting scientific activities and experiments, so as to develop the habit of knowing how to protect the environment and cherish resources.

The school arranges different activities and competitions according to the concept of “multiple intelligences”, and encourages participation in various types of activities according to the children’s personal characteristics and interests, so as to realize the children’s potential.

The curriculum is designed with Chinese and English elements from the “Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR)” recognized by the Education Bureau.


To promote children to consciously pay attention to various characteristics of the language, such as: vocabulary : recognize different radicals and component ideograms, various word structures, learn to compose meaningful sentences from vocabularies, so that children can smoothly promote to primary school.


In addition to hiring foreign teachers to serve as NET TEACHER, the school also sets up an English teaching team, which is taught by teachers who have been trained in the Standing Committee of Language Education and Research (SCOLAR). Children are exposed to English for no less than 30 minutes a day. Through class and small group study, follow the course step by step to train students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Knowing the 26 alphabets, learning the rules of English phonics, the pronunciation of vowels and consonants.

This kindergarten hopes to help children have a healthy mind from an early age, to help them face the infinite challenges and solve problems in the future, so as to achieve the goals at each stage of life and enjoy life. Therefore, we are committed to promote the “positive education 3Es love + social cooperation and positive behavior management” plan. The content of the plan includes: understanding each person’s emotions, how to correctly express and manage emotions, as well as empathy and altruism.