Curriculum Features


  • Emphasis on Character Building

“Example is better than precept” – Teachers are the role-models of students. We also instil positive values in children by providing a loving and caring environment as well as a systematic and comprehensive curriculum. Children can experience and recognise the introspective qualities of being responsible, gregarious and self-disciplined through the activities.

  • Orff Music Approach

We adopt “Orff Music Approach” in teaching children music and our teachers are professionally trained. Through singing rhymes, playing percussions, grooving, improvisation, etc., children can easily comprehend and acquire music knowledge in a fun and playful manner.

  • Scientific Exploration     Multi-dimensional Thinking     Creative Thinking

We provide a safe learning environment that encourages our children to perceive the world with multiple senses, which helps to cultivate their curiosity and eagerness to explore. We hope that children can develop an attitude of seeking knowledge and truth from the interesting scientific activities and experiments. It is also important for them to form the habit of knowing how to protect the environment and cherish resources.

  • Diversified Learning Activities     Carefree Learning     Unleashing Potential

Based on the concept of “Multiple Intelligences”, our school arranges different activities and competitions. Teachers will observe children’s performance and encourage them to participate in different kinds of activities according to their characteristics and talents, so as to give full play to children’s potential. 


  • Both Chinese and English curriculums have added contents from “Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR)”

Teachers are continuously equipped skills on professional teaching by updated trainings and related knowledges from school in order to offer suitable teaching experience for children adapting primary school life seamlessly.

Children are supposed to study English at least 30 minutes a day. Our curriculum composed of learning English letters, sounds and phonetics, vocabularies and training on skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. On the other side, Chinese education emphasizes on raising children’s interest in the features of Chinese characters such as understanding the meaning of different radicals and components, studying various language structures and learning to form meaningful sentences by using multiple vocabularies. Therefore, our children will be able to transit to primary school life at very easily.