Straighten Up Campus Campaign

In order to build up a habit of protecting the spine for students, so as to avoid spine problems, our school joint the Straighten Up Campus Campaign Program organized by the Children Chiropractic Foundation. Many activities about protecting the spine are held to promote the knowledge and skills of protecting spine to students, parents and teachers. We wish to help students grow up healthier.

  • Chiropractic exercise session: Students have the chiropractic exercise during morning assembly, in order to build up a good habit of protecting spine.
  • Opening ceremony of Straighten Up Campus Campaign: Students vow to become the guard of spine. They promise to protect the spine, to have the chiropractic exercise frequently and to promote to the others.
  • Children’s spine care day: Students workshop and Talks for parents are for parents to learn more about the importance of protecting the spine, how to do the chiropractic exercise, how to check spinal problem of children and tips of spine protection. Students will have the chiropractic exercise and study the knowledge of spine.
  • Hong Kong Chiropractic Day: Strengthening the determination of students to do chiropractic regularly, establishing a good habit of chiropractic, and having chiropractic exercise together with students in the morning.


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