Off positive educational game picture book

The spirit of Off uses music to permeate all areas, combined with positive character and game elements, and the content runs through the six learning areas of early childhood development.

Course features

Off Music: Brand-new Cantonese songs, including “Agogo”, “Magic Little Water Point”, “My Family”, “My Courage”, “Symphony of Destiny”, “Yellow River Concerto”, a total of 66 rich songs music

6 positive categories: wisdom, courage, benevolence, righteousness, temperance, and transcendence, covering 24 character behaviours

Level Semester Book Positive Character
K1 1ST Term Salsa and Little Leaf Care, self-discipline, courage
Exploring Neverland Insight, Teamwork, Optimism
2nd Term Sky Secrets Creativity, Curiosity, Forgiveness
Gifts for Mom and Dad Caring, Gratitude, Love
K2 1ST Term Ocean Games Fairness, Teamwork, Spirituality
The Troubles of the Bubble Kingdom Social Wisdom, Sincerity, Insight
2nd Term Crayon Planet Leadership, Prudence, Teamwork
Popo City Sale Enthusiasm and drive, creativity, appreciation
K3 1ST Term Xiaobaiyun travels around the world Curiosity, appreciation, modesty
Birthday party surprise Love, passion and drive, humor
2nd Term Where’s the violin? Judgment, caring, intellectual curiosity
Different Graduation Ceremony Enthusiasm and drive, perseverance, gratitude