Non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students and parent’s support

Non-Chinese speaking students are ethnic minorities. Due to geographical language, cultural and religious differences, they tend to experience learning difficulties, especially when learning Chinese. Following the amendment of Free Quality Kindergarten Education policy, we participate in the work group of “EDB online activity- Supporting Learning and Teaching for Non-Chinese Speaking Children” and “C-for- Chinese@JC” Project. Through the peer interactions, games, situations, role plays etc. provided in the groups, those activities can enhance the interest of learning Chinese for NCS students who will learn the structure of Chinese characters and continue the language learning process.

1.  Supporting NCS students in learning Chinese at school
2.  Taking care of the growing needs of NCS students
3.  Improving the social development of NCS students
4.  Developing an inclusive school culture for facilitating NCS student to integrate in school life

If NCS parents have any enquiries, please contact our Kindergarten supervisor, Miss Ho (TEL: 22420082) or email us ([email protected]) for enquiries.

School-based support

In order to support children who speak Chinese as a second language, our kindergarten organizes different activities to provide support to parents and students, such as individual learning support; learning goals are tailored to children’s personal abilities and will be provided to non-Chinese speaking children during class Assistance and support will also be provided to non-Chinese speaking children after class in order to facilitate their integration into the classroom.

In terms of family support: Arrange non-Chinese speaking families to participate in community activities, guide them to make good use of services/facilities in the district, and enhance their sense of belonging to the community.

In addition, the school provides English notices, English translations of parent-teacher meetings, etc. to non-Chinese-speaking parents.

Social Support
(A) Arranging NSC family to take advantage of using the social service/ facilities in order to enhance their sense of belonging to the society.

Hotline Numbers for Telephone Interpretation Service (TELIS):

Bahasa Indonesia   3755 6811 Tagalog         3755 6855
Nepali             3755 6822 Thai            3755 6866
Urdu              3755 6833 Hindi           3755 6877
Punjabi            3755 6844 Vietnamese     3755 6888
Public service providers (Direct line)      3755 6800

(B) Useful Links:

1)  Learning Chinese is Fun APPS

2) “Knowing More About Children’s Learning” parent pamphlet

Versions: EnglishChinese ,  Hindi ,   Bahasa Indonesia, NepaliTagalogThaiUrdu

3) Tips for Parents of Non-Chinese Speaking Students (Kindergarten)
Versions: English , Bahasa Indonesia , Hindi , Nepali , Tagalog , Thai , Urdu , Punjabi (Indian)

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